Saturday, April 1, 2017

FathAllah bikhasaaisil-Ismillah

Name of the Book:

فتح الله بخصائص الاسم الله

About the Author (as dictated by deobandh scholars): 

Shaikh-ul-Hadith wal Tafseer Maulana Muhammad Musa AlRoohani Albazi was indeed the greatest Islamic Scholar of the century. He died on 19th of October 1998 in Lahore, Pakistan. After he was buried in Mayani Grave yard a perfumed smell started coming out of his grave and spread in all the area nearby ( Mayani the biggest & oldest grave yard of Pakistan situated at Lahore ). This perfumed smell continued for about eight months. Thousands & thousands of persons came to witness his grave and felt the smell of paradise from his grave. 

According to the Islamic History, scholars have said that Maulana Muhammad Moosa Albazi is the third person in the Islamic history from whose grave the smell of paradise came. He spent all of his life among books, in teaching Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh & in producing Islamic scholars. He wrote more than two hundred valuable Islamic books, most of these books are in Arabic language, some are in Persian & Urdu languages. His every book proved to be a splendid work in Islamic Research. His books get great attention & appreciation from the Islamic Scholars, especially the scholars of the Arab World. They were astonished by his knowledge of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh & Astronomy & his skill in Arabic. All of them confessed that the great books written by him appears to be an Art-Piece of Islamic knowledge & Arabic literature.

About the book:

His book “Fathullah” is about the single word “Allah”. This book is in Arabic Language & in two large volumes covering more than 1300 pages. In this book he explains that Almighty Allah is the Greatest similarly his name i.e. the word “Allah” is also the Greatest name.

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